Cleo LexiCom Support

Obtaining the right software is only the beginning of a complete solution. Ensure you stay up and running with Cleo's technical support services. Our highly-trained technical support analysts have been helping customers for years.

Support Subscriptions

Cleo's Annual Technical Support Subscription includes the following:

  • Technical Support via phone, web, email, and fax
    Cleo's Technical Support Staff is available for resolving installation, configuration, and operational issues associated with the Cleo Lexicom product. Voicemail, web requests, email, or fax messages will be responded to by the next available Support Analyst in the order they were received, during normal business hours. Note: Customer may be required to upgrade to the current Cleo LexiCom version for support.
  • Free Software Upgrades to the current Cleo LexiCom release.
  • Web site access to our Documentation. Cleo's website includes detailed product and compatibility information.
  • Free access to test servers at Cleo.

The Cleo LexiCom Quick Start Guide has been designed such that most users can install the product without any additional assistance. However, if you do encounter a problem, Cleo's Technical Support Analysts are available to provide assistance via phone or email.

Cleo Technical Support Service operates on a callback basis. Once your information is verified, your issue will be placed in the support queue and an available technician will contact you.

A couple of things will ensure that your support process goes quickly and smoothly:

  1. Have your VAN or host account information, such as log-on and password, ready for the host that you will be testing Cleo LexiCom against. This account information should be available from your VAN or host.
  2. Note which step of the setup or installation process you are currently on, according to the documentation. Also, note any diagnostic measures taken.

Gold Level Support

This enhanced level of service provides live pickup to our Technical Support Team with a quicker turn around time. Gold level customers are provided with a toll free phone number to access support during normal support hours. Our Technical Support Analysts will provide Gold customers with the highest level of support.

Value-Added Services

Some customers may require Firewall support or substantial assistance with the installation process. For these customers, Cleo has the additional services shown below. Again, most customers do not require these services, but Cleo offers them for those who do.

Firewall Support

This option includes support for your Firewall administrator or consultant to achieve a successful connection. Contact Cleo Sales for details. Note: Cleo does not provide consulting services on specific Firewall products.

Consulting Services

Cleo's Technical Support and Engineering staff are available for consulting services. A minimum of two hours service must be purchased. Contact Cleo Sales for a quote.

Examples of situations Cleo can provided consulting for include:

  • Support for Cleo LexiCom installation on unsupported operating systems
  • Support for new trading partner connections
  • Script development for Cleo supported hosts
  • EDI translator integration
  • Extended Firewall advice
  • Java installation
  • Installation and configuration in a non-GUI environment

Cleo LexiCom Support Subscriptions are available for an annual fee. To purchase or renew an annual subscription, upgrade to Gold level support, purchase firewall support, or request a consulting services quote, please contact your Cleo Sales Representative by calling +1 815 654 8110. You may also email questions by clicking here.

For a complete explanation of Cleo's Support Services, including definitions, escalation levels, and exclusions, please view the Cleo Support Servics PDF.